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      Market quietly change the locks Smart door lock opens a new era

      2021-8-6 9:38:48    from:admin    click count:3496

      Do you have a lot of time standing in his doorway, only to find that can't find the key? Are you many times two carrying heavy shopping bags, very anxious to "open sesame" become a reality? Friends about friends come to visit you many times, but couldn't get into the house after their first and only crouching at your door and you was like a cat on hot bricks? And all this, it would be possible in today's "Internet link everything" is resolved.


      Recently, the reporter in a found a international cutting-edge products exhibition and intelligent lock "dialogue" link. This is called wpekey smart door lock touch the lock can be realized, with mobile phone control, user rights management, real time view, the remote authorization, intelligent alarm function. "If you are can't find the key to the door. A wpekey intelligent door locks, as long as you take out a cellular phone can unlock phone APP." Wpekey smart door lock products owners Wellpros international CEO David lee told reporters about the smart door lock is how to implement the "dialogue" link with people, such as friend, but couldn't get into the your home visiting, wpekey intelligent lock can remote authorization to your friend, he can wait for you in your home leisure tea. "Wpekey intelligence door lock is a administrator privileges to phones, administrator rights authorized mobile phones can to other family members at the same time, also can cancel the authorization, so that who have your keys or 'my site I make decision." Wellpros international co-founder Steven liu further explained to reporters.


      In recent years, as smartphones become human indispensable partner, everything is possible. One analyst Jim suva to investors about the future of the smart devices report mentioned many times a very interesting words "Work security access" (job security access). In fact, as early as in last November, suva Alicia o and his colleagues may charter has been discussed in a public report such topics. They think that intelligent equipment dealers must speed up the development of a new business in these new business, physical security, made by the iron and steel will lock and key, by the user was replaced by the electronic lock of smart phone open. Therefore, apple co-founder Steve wozniak also use the iPhone as the key, in and out of a hotel room locked. In fact, the company since 2010 has been in the development of related key system. Another technology giant Google also in key development "contact" people business twice a day. Google CEO larry page, Google has been seeking that can "create a wonderful intuitive service and technology, the technology and services will have incredible effects on people, so they use two times a day, like the user use the toothbrush. In fact, not many objects can be used twice a day. But people use locks every day for at least two more times, you in and out of the house, cars, and even many public office will have to meet and door lock, if we can 'link to dialogue with them, is certainly a nice intuitive experience."


      In fact, the similar wpekey smart door lock has been applied to start in the United States, including Kwikset, August, Lockatron, Goji, Danalock, and other brand products. "Lock the fundamental demands in security, smart door locks let alone. When you use a password to open the door, intelligent security door can automatically identify the real password in any code input combination and don't have to worry about the password leak. At the same time, smart door locks have 'safety protection intelligent early warning function, when the door is way to remove or damage any external forces, will open the speed response mechanism, the door will be the first time report to the police, and push the alarm message to notify the main mobile phone and mobile phone APP, triggering a key function of alarm for help, can avoid family property are violated." David Lee said.


      David Lee believes that the other function of intelligent door locks, door lock "real-time checked to see" function may be more popular with Chinese consumers. No matter when and where, authorized by the mobile phone can through the phone APP to see who was in the door, let inside the enterprise in an attempt to find colleagues clock in attendance "little slacker" no exercise, also can at any time or view the lock status report, don't have to worry about go out didn't lock the door when you leave the worry, also can see the family home, this application is very convenient to work parents know the child got home safe and sound.


         According to the forecast consultancy BI, smart door lock business development may be faster than the current mobile payment application, by 2019 will become a worth up to $3.5 billion in business development. Now, apple and Google are focusing on the market, and carefully consider the specific plan of action in the future. And China's intelligent enterprise in the field of active layout, consumers are eager to bring the beauty of experience more and more convenient application. Undoubtedly, is quietly change door lock market.

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