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      Create a smart locks the Internet landscape

      2021-8-6 9:37:57    from:admin    click count:3261

      According to statistics, Japan and South Korea intelligent lock of its domestic civil locks by more than 70% market share, Europe and the United States intelligence of its domestic civil locks lock market share of 50%, while China intelligent lock accounted for civil lock is less than 2% of the market, in the next few years will be China intelligent lock market share the acceleration period of ascension. According to estimates, the annual real estate market demand for intelligent lock space more than 20 billion yuan; National secondary decoration and second-hand housing decoration requirements of door lock billions of yuan. At the same time, each city of more than 6% share of the high-end villas, apartments, high-grade office building share more than 5%, both provide vast development space for the development of the intelligent lock market.


      In addition, face recognition has become one of the high-profile technology. According to relevant statistics show that the current face recognition worldwide market at about $1 billion, in the next door, attendance and other civilian markets will remain around 25% growth, and with the face recognition technology in areas such as video surveillance, financial payment permeability ascend, public safety, financial payment market will achieve more than 90% of the high speed development.


      According to the well-known technology site prediction, begin from 2013, facial recognition technology will become the second largest technology to change the world. Compared with the foreign development status, as a result of domestic civil market, security and peace city construction has just started, based on the huge population base, the domestic market growth is expected to far more than the international market. At the same time, face recognition is an important part of smart home, according to the thousands of network statistics and forecast, 2012-2020, the Chinese intelligent household market will be rising from $15 billion to more than 300 billion yuan, the size of the

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