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      Some knowledge of the locks of choose and buy

      2021-8-6 9:36:30    from:admin    click count:3315

      products. Many consumers buy a lock for building materials market, with most is feeling, care about more is the style of the lock and the door of the home match is harmonious, very few people pay attention to the brand and origin of the locks.


      Second, the first to realize the product ever producer name and address, logo, and whether to have professional quality inspection agency inspection report issued recently.


      Three, locks to look clearly, the surface is not rough, feel comfortable. Locks open flexible rotation, locking device should play a role, feel are out of the feeling of failure, security performance is better.


      Fourth, when the choose and buy the material wants moderate, when you feel strong, reliable, do not use cheap quality made of inferior material locks.


      Five, the installation of the lock is also a key: when installation should be strictly carried out in accordance with the product specifications, to install center distance, the applicable scope and the opening method of the locks. Special attention should be paid to cannot be installed on the humidity larger wood door to prevent the corrosion of harmful substances.


      Six, often keep the locks body clean at ordinary times, prevent foreign bodies from entering the lock billiard groove, cause open mill, even locks can't open it.

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