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      China's lock industry predict the future development direction

      2021-8-6 9:35:35    from:admin    click count:3854

      In China -- the lifeblood of the market development, we can't grasp accurately, but can be based on the current market, predict lock industry development direction in the future.


      (a) car lock market potential is tremendous, according to booz data released by the 2015-2020 China's auto service industry market trend prediction and trend forecast analysis report shows that 2014 output of 23.895 million cars in our country, the cumulative increase of 7.1%. The continuing growth of automobile production for car lock market offers a larger development space, car theft happens also let's choice of automobile anti-theft lock pay more attention to private owners, this indicates the great potential of car lock market.


      Xintiandi (2) the rural lock market: with the national policy to promote rural, rural change is very big, farmers living standards is higher and higher, and farmers rich after first thing in the house, house more, lock with increase of demand, the system lock industry, is good news.


      (3) the plug core door lock is the development direction: but few inserted core door lock manufacturers in China, the scale is not big, the grade is not high also, function is simple, so, with the development of the market, the insert core locks will be a development direction of the market. From current market of locks, lock in the market for a long time, will continue to give priority to with mechanical lock. Main mechanical lock locks and spherical door lock, and the development potential of insert core door lock was obviously higher than that of spherical door lock, one is that using the insert core door lock is much more superior than the spherical door lock, the second is, insert core door lock is easy to escape in the fire.


      (4) the high-end products gradually into the mainstream: locks from China industry market and development trend of supply and demand forecast to understand high-end locks high technological content, pay more attention to highlight the humanization, personalization and characteristic, so the product has a high profit. Ordinary locks products faster, high-end locks will gradually become the mainstream of lock market. In addition, as people living standard rise, beautiful rural construction gradually strengthened, people of security equipment safety, reliability, convenience, such as demand is higher and higher, the market demand of high-grade locks will further increase. In the future, is the era of science and technology, locks, will enter a high grade product "fast track".


      An electric lock industry business


      Network era, all kinds of application based on the innovation of the Internet makes more and more businessman saw the value of traditional industry. Layout of e-commerce position lock industry into the online marketing innovation have become the vanguard forces, through the Internet platform, to build effective mobile client for the entire industry expanded marketing channels, reduce the cost, quickly set up a market reputation, form a strong market leadership. So how to layout the electric lock industry, change the channel?


      The first thing to learn from the mass consumer goods industry


      Lock industry can learn from the FMCG industry has several aspects: one is to reality understand consumers, understand the way can like procter & gamble company, through scientific market research; 2 it is to pay attention to visual marketing, as far as possible to promote the first impression of the product, such as FMCG generally in the outer packing up and down a lot of work, for security electricity, the key is to store the overall design and the improvement of the product detail page, this is the main route for consumers to know the product, at the same time, should make full use of visual impact, color harmony, page layout, and has a copy of humanity to ascend users browse pages of goodwill; 3 it is to break through the traditional pattern of thinking mode, the entire network marketing on the Internet, and cut into the social hot topic, in order to obtain high exposure.


      Secondly to build products selling point


      So-called selling point, is the core of mining products in order to impress customers unique benefits, this requires before each product research and development, all need to have a dedicated team of user requirements of in-depth analysis, understand the ordinary families, the rigid demand for monitoring products, the customer's expectations, from body appearance vogue is concise design to application system is convenient and concise, even to protect user privacy to technical attack, in order to provide ultimate user experience products. Lock is most used and most common product, its use, appearance, price, etc will affect consumer choice, "good appearance, easy to get started" the mainstream of the future of the product.


      Third, improve the user experience


      Less electricity business process of online transactions, the experiential consumption. Product scratching, touch less than, in the process of shipping to receiving only products and specifications, the user is not enjoy more professional security services, trust and viscosity is not high, does not favor the formation of secondary consumption. At the same time, offline with the after-sales service, one of the most serious problems and consumer concerns. Some electricity not carefully research and development is the most taboo in the production of quality products which can meet the demand of users, but the original engineering machine changes after all in the name of "civilian security" sold directly to consumers online, lead to the user experience is very poor. After a long market exploration, research and analysis, more popular on the market at present products are generally of the wireless and intelligent learning to code, flexible networking features, through these functions, the user can experience the fun of DIY wireless with family, really enjoy the benefits of family products.


      So, lock products should also give full consideration to consumer experience, the same as in electric business platform to pay attention to the development of consumer word of mouth.


      Finally, the marketing promotion cannot little


      Wine is also afraid of deep alley, lock products. Based on the characteristics of few guards against the product consumer groups, determine its impossible as consumer goods to the public on a large scale of paid advertising. Pay attention to word of mouth marketing, Internet marketing thinking to produce high quality products as basis, mining products bright spots to meet customer pain points of consumption demand, the pursuit of high-quality pre-sales and after-sales service. Timely release new product information related to the sales activities, its reputation as the preferential promotional activities and customer feedback, etc., the formation of marketing mode of fish ponds in the form of cluster. At the same time, the promotion expenses should be to provide consumers with more value-added services and experience of more than expected, the use of new media such as weibo, WeChat instant communication tools to do online business integration of the O2O mode. If promotion budget to achieve a certain amount of money, can also with the help of a professional event planning company to carry out the offline activities, in order to make DIY security as the starting point, let more consumers have security products research and development and production of knowledge, the user consumption habit of at the same time, also spread to the public safety lock consciousness play a positive role in guiding.

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